SugarBar Noms 18000 Disposable Vape

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SugarBar Noms 18000 Puffs Disposable Vape

Step up your vaping game with the Sugarbar Noms 18K Puffs Disposable Vape Device. Designed to offer an unparalleled vaping experience, this state-of-the-art device combines cutting-edge technology with a sleek, user-friendly design. Whether you prefer regular mode or the intensified turbo mode, the Sugarbar Noms ensures a satisfying and customizable vaping journey.

Key Features:
* Generous Liquid Capacity: Pre-filled with 16.5ml of premium e-liquid, providing long-lasting use and reducing the need for frequent refills.
* Robust Battery Life: Equipped with a 750mAh battery, ensuring extended vaping sessions without the hassle of frequent recharges.
* Dual Turbo System: Offers two distinct puff counts:
* Regular Mode: Up to 18,000 puffs for a consistent, everyday vaping experience.
* Turbo Mode: Up to 10,000 puffs with intensified flavor and vapor production.
* High Nicotine Strength: Features a 5% (50mg) nicotine concentration, delivering a robust and satisfying hit with every puff.
* Advanced LED Screen: Displays essential information such as e-juice level and battery charge, allowing for easy monitoring and control.
* Turbo Button: Easily switch to turbo mode with the dedicated turbo button, enhancing your vaping experience with the push of a button.
* Dual Mesh Coil System: Ensures enhanced flavor and vapor production, providing a richer and more satisfying vape.
* Adjustable Wattage: Customize your vaping experience with adjustable wattage settings, allowing you to find the perfect balance of flavor and vapor intensity.

* 1 x Sugarbar Noms 18K Puffs 16.5ML Disposable Vape Device With Dual Turbo & LED Screen

Available Flavors:
Choose from four delicious flavors, each crafted to tantalize your taste buds:
* Candy Lemonade: A sweet and tangy blend of candy and refreshing lemonade.
* Melon Duo: A perfect mix of juicy melons for a refreshing and fruity experience.
* POG: A tropical blend of passion fruit, orange, and guava for an exotic vape.
* White Peach Razz: A delightful fusion of sweet white peach and tangy raspberry.

Why Choose the Sugarbar Noms 18K Puffs?
The Sugarbar Noms 18K Puffs stands out with its dual turbo system, adjustable wattage, and high puff count. Its advanced features, combined with the convenience of a disposable device, make it perfect for both new and experienced vapers. The LED screen and easy-to-use turbo button enhance usability, while the dual mesh coils ensure superior flavor and vapor production.

Experience Dual Turbo Vaping:
With the Sugarbar Noms 18K Puffs Disposable Vape Device, enjoy a vaping experience that’s both powerful and customizable. Its sleek design, advanced technology, and variety of delicious flavors make it the ultimate choice for vapers seeking quality and convenience. Elevate your vaping experience with Sugarbar Noms and discover the future of disposable vapes.