Dummy Vapes 8000 Vape Disposable

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Dummy Vapes 8000 Vape Disposable
Enter a realm of flair and function with the Dummy Vapes 18ML Disposable Pod Device, where cutting-edge technology meets expressive design, inspired by the audacious spirit of 6ix9ine.
State-of-the-Art Features
* Long-lasting Enjoyment with 8000 Puffs: Designed for those who crave a prolonged and rich vaping encounter.
* 1.1Ω Resistance for Optimal Vapor: Providing a steady and satisfying flow of vapor for a remarkable experience.
* 5% Nicotine Salt for an Enjoyable Kick: Delivering a fulfilling hit that caters to discerning tastes.
* 18ml E-Liquid Tank: Ensuring a seamless flow of flavor, eliminating constant refilling.
* 650mAh Battery & Type-C Charging: Guaranteeing performance when you need it, with effortless recharging.
* QUAQ Mesh Coil Excellence: Engineered for uniformity and flavor intensity, setting new standards in vaping technology.
* E-Liquid & Battery Gauge: Empowering users with information through intuitive LED indicators.
An Odyssey of Flavor: 20 Unique Creations
* Alien Invasion: A blend that transcends the ordinary, exotic and compelling.
* Bad Berry: Untamed berry essence, creating a thrilling taste sensation.
* Brooklyn Blue: Urban chic meets blueberry sophistication.
* Clear: Simplistic elegance and crisp refreshment.
* Cosmic Blast: Fruit flavors that erupt with celestial wonder.
* Dummy Dream: Whimsical and imaginative, a taste journey into the fanciful.
* Fizzy Lemon: A lively spark of citrus, bubbling with excitement.
* Gangsta Punch: A forceful and layered flavor punch that refuses to be ignored.
* Gooba Grape: A grape celebration that's inviting and vivacious.
* Guava Frenzy: A tropical guava spectacle that's invigorating.
* Gummo Gummy: A chewable delight, capturing the joy of gummy treats.
* Kika Kiwi: A refreshing kiwi infusion, both revitalizing and tart.
* King Of NY: A distinguished blend exuding opulence and grandeur.
* Rainbow Rapper: A lyrical dance of fruit flavors, harmonious and playful.
* Redd Dummy: A red fruit medley that lures and satisfies.
* Stoopid Strawberry: Unapologetically fun and beguiling strawberry notes.
* Tobacco: Timeless tobacco elegance, familiar and gratifying.
* Trollz Twist: A quirky fusion that delights with surprises.
* Twisted Tangy: A zesty concoction that teases and pleases.
* Wacky Watermelon: A joyful watermelon expression, light-hearted and crisp.