Geek Bar Meloso Mini 1500 Disposable Vape

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Geek Bar Meloso Mini 1500 Puffs Disposable Vape

Elevate your vaping experience with the Geek Bar Meloso MINI 1500 Disposable, the perfect blend of compact design and powerful performance. Designed to deliver up to 1500 puffs with a robust 550mAh battery, this device ensures a long-lasting and satisfying vape session.

Key Features:
* Max Puffs: 1500, ensuring a generous lifespan for extended enjoyment.
* Nicotine Strength: 50mg (5%), providing a strong and steady nicotine hit for a satisfying experience.
* Prefilled Capacity: 5mL of premium e-liquid, pre-filled for convenience and ease of use.
* Battery Capacity: 550mAh, powerful enough to support the device through all 1500 puffs.
* Charging Port: USB Type-C, offering fast and efficient recharging capabilities.
* Operation: Draw-Activation, making it incredibly easy to use—simply puff and enjoy.
* Dual Mesh Coil: Ensures smooth, flavorful vapor production and efficient e-liquid absorption.