Eternal Smoke Hookah Tobacco Review

Eternal Smoke Hookah Tobacco Review

Posted by Halo Ali on Nov 9th 2021

Eternal Smoke

Sizes Offered

1. 1 Kilo

2. 250 grams

3. 50 grams in the series bundles.


Perfect cool refreshing fruit/icy mix that fits perfectly for any taste bud. Each flavor is mixed perfectly with LIT, the right combination of chilling sensation that is mixed with your favorite flavor choice.


Love is in the air from your smoke, with your taste buds just melting away you will feel like you are in heaven with this romantic series. Sweet & indulging flavors will have you craving more every second!


Feeling tropical? Just like a warm vacation near the beach with a delicious cocktail in your hand while you hear the ocean waves, then the mix series will put right at that beach front scene you oh so enjoy! This series is the perfect mix of summer tasting flavors that will have your tastebuds dancing to the summer beat!


Sitting at a Café lounge late at night, its time to ENJOY some relaxing smoke. The Enjoy Series brings that relaxing relief from rich creamy flavors, just like the taste of a nice cup of your favorite drink from your local café.


Feeling dangerous? Want that high rush of bursting good flavor? Try the Extreme Series! The long-lasting strong flavor will have your mouth feel like it is sky diving with amazing flavor!


Not much to say about this series, who doesn’t like a good mystery to solve? Try it out for your self detective…