Hyde MAG Recharge review

Posted by Anna Petrova on Jan 13th 2022

Hyde Review and what to expect?

The Hyde Mag Vape pen is a new style disposable pen that delivers nicotine through nicotine salts. The Hyde company has been the leading dealer in disposable nicotine devices since 2018.

They are still committed to providing the most viable alternative for smoking combustible cigarettes.

The Hyde vape pens have gone through numerous tests for new flavors that have always emerged to be the best in the market. When using Hyde vape devices, you are assured that your product is well crafted with suitable fruit extracts and flavors, giving you a high-quality experience every time.

Product Specifications:

- Battery Capacity: 500mAh
- 5% Salt Nicotine
- 10mL E-liquid
- Mesh Coil
- 4500 Puffs
- Charging: Micro USB Charger (not included)

The Hyde Mag vape pens are non-refillable and disposable vapes.

The pod is very simplistic in design, and you get the battery and an e-juice filled pod that is the main catch in this product. The vape pens can be charged to give room for continuous vaping sessions.

Here is the top 5 flavors of Hyde Mag:

Raspberry Watermelon

Blue Razz Ice


Mandarin Lime

Strawberry B-Day

I am really impressed with the flavors. It's great that there are some flavors I’ve not tried before and I’m looking forward to trying them again.
I like the design of this vape pen, it’s different to what you normally get and they are very convenient.
they are simple to use and due to there being no maintenance on the device, these are a great stepping stone to leading a healthier lifestyle.

So would I recommend them? The short answer is Yes! They are easy to use, cheap, discreet and it gives a great vaping experience with it's smoothness. If you’ve tried the Hyde MAG Disposable.